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He’s the One that saved me

You have saved me for the Nth time. I thank Thee Lord. Indeed, Your grace  is sufficient and in my weaknesses Your power is perfected. Your love is new every morning that even if I sin, you forgive me. Yes, truly I am thankful that I have You, I met You, and that I am kept close to Your heart as a daughter. 

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Thankful ♥

Had never thought this day would come

Effortlessly seems like everything was planned

Like how creation and life begun

Loving Father really did knew how;

One’s heart was made and what are its desires

Little faith did I have, He continued to surprise me

Over and over again, continuously, unending

Visiting me in His own way to show how much He cares

Ensuring that everything would be for my own good

Directing my life’s story according to His plan 

I couldn’t forget that day on a cold morning of October. That was the time I personally first saw and met you. Twice on a row it was, both unplanned telling me that “you’re someone special and is going to be someone whom I’ll value as special sooner”. First was at Dapitan street and the other was at UST Chapel, both on the same day. 

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Random Thought

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven.

You’ve been on my mind all of a sudden

I grasped all things that made me fall

And remembered that you had it all

You’re intoxicating. Hard to resist.

That even in my dreams I see you when I’m asleep.

Yes. We meet there everytime. In different kinds of situations.

And every when I wake up I ask myself

What does my dream tell about us

See. Sometimes I’m lost between reality and the possibility

But then tonight I’ll pray

For the right thing to do, to think, and to say

So that I won’t be lost in the wrong love again

But instead to walk straight in the right love

With the right person

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Preoccupied not of you but of another…

I was searching for answers last night

Even didn’t think if it was right

Am I so preoccupied? 

When love is all on my mind

I didn’t count the sheep before I slept

Instead I remembered memories that made me wept

Flashbacks seem so simple but it was an inter-chained dream

And when I woke up I recalled the questions I used to scream

I said to myself I didn’t want to be with you again

Yes I had pain but so did I gain

And there’s nothing left for you, no more feelings

No more thoughts of state changing

I tell you I want to be with another guy

Except you of course, because I’d rather die

Please tell me that time would come and I’ll find

And soon tell everyone this happily ever after story of mine